Trenches of War – Update 4, iOS release

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After two-month break in which we focused on our iOS release, we’re back flamethrowers, biplanes, and a new AI system.

This update brings the first set of what we call “Elite Units.” Troops can now be swapped out by pressing on their icon and sliding up – sliding up on a sniper allows you to recruit flamethrowers, sliding up on tanks allows you to recruit biplanes. We plan to add addition units in future updates.

Flamethrowers, our newest support unit, are capable of capturing trenches like soldiers and tanks. They are short-ranged units that have high health and high damage output. They are also a great defensive unit – combined with barbed wire they can make it very challenging for the enemy to make it into your trench.

Biplanes are designed to break stalemates. These units fly back and forth across the battlefield, doing damage to units below them. A single biplane can be quickly shot down, but a small team of biplanes has the power to turn the tide and destroy snipers and artillery that may be halting your advances.  They are also great for cutting off supply lines.  Planes can be shot down by any unit and explode upon impact with the ground, damaging enemies below.

I was hesitant to add new units to the game for a long time. Every new unit obviously shakes up the balance, which I thought was very tightly maintained with the four units we previously had. These new units will likely need to be adjusted in future updates. I will be watching reviews closely to help guide my balancing.

These update also brings a new, configurable AI system. Currently, every level uses the default AI personality, but future updates will bring AI personalities that correspond with the style of individual maps – some AIs may be more aggressive than others, favor units, etc.

The update is now live on Android and will be on iOS soon. Try it out and let us know what you think!

– Bret


Planes can effectively cut off supply lines and prevent additional units from making it to the enemy’s defended trench


Planes can be shot down by any unit. They explode upon collision with the ground.