Trenches of War Update 3 – Camps, 25 New Levels, Ad-Support Model

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Our third monthly update doubles our content with 25 new levels, new mechanics, and a GUI overhaul.  It also marks our move to an ad-supported model.

The new 25-mission campaign features our most challenging levels.  In additional to all prior mechanics, these maps include forward camps – barracks and factories – which spawn units closer to the front line when captured.  To capture a camp players must hold the trenches on each side – camps can be contested if different factions control the adjacent trenches.

Our GUI overhaul has been designed to condense the information that really matters.  The information in the top-left and top-right corners of the screen has been flipped with the information in the bottom-left and bottom-right corners.

Trenches of War is now ad-supported.  Ads can be removed with a $.99 in-app purchase.  Content will never be paywalled – this game was released with a free-to-play mentality and we will preserve that policy.

We are also moving towards an iOS release.  More information on this will be released when we are ready.