Trenches of War Surpasses 10,000 Downloads

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This is a number I never expected to see.  Less than a month after we hit our 5,000 downloads milestone we’ve now hit 10,000 total installs on Android.  We are now averaging nearly 200 downloads each day and our rating is quickly rising.

When I ported this game to Android it was meant to be a quick project – it was already finished for web, so I figured it would be fairly easy to push it to mobile.  I had no intentions of modifying the game beyond a simple interface overhaul and expected it to flop.

The initial rocky release of the game taught me a lot about quality assurance – poor assumptions on my part about Android screen sizes left the game unplayable on small-screen devices.  Poor testing resulted in me missing some major bugs that caused the game to crash.  Within a week of release Trenches dropped down to a 3.0 and was headed down even further.

However, I was quick to fix the game-breaking bugs and over the course of the coming months we slowly climbed back up to a 3.4.    All negative reviews complained about bugs, not the game content itself, and I was motivated to fix these problems.  Many minor bug fixes and two major content updates have brought us up to a 3.7.  Our December update brought the length of the game from 8 missions to 25 and diversified the battlefield with new mechanics – the update we have planned for this month is of comparable size.

Trenches of War was one of the first projects I started after learning to code – I’m proud to be still improving it years later.  I can’t wait to see where the next six months take the game.

By Bret Black

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